Summer and Fall


Gettysburg Pride.jpg

June 5th

Celebrating Love

An opera concert on the Square

Gettysburg Pride Parade

June 6 and 7, 2021

Arias and Songs 

A Fundraiser for the Susquehanna Symphony

Belair Bandshell at 6/26 7:00

Hopkins Farm Brewery 6/27 at 7:00

Rainbow Rose.png

June 26th:

A Very Operatic Evening

The Appell Center

Strand Theater

York, PA

June 26th, 2021: 7:00PM

A Fundraiser for the York Rainbow Rose Center

Heart Pierced with Sword
Heart with Wings

Cavelleria Rusticana and Pagliacci

Gettysburg and York​

September 10-12


Tristan und Isolde

Music! Gettysburg 

Gettysburg Seminary

November 5, 2021